21st Century Skills through Exchange Programmes with Singapore Schools

As SCIA continues to inculcate the 21st century skills in its unique blend of Singapore – Cambridge curricula, comprising of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, various virtual exchange programmes with top schools in Singapore have therefore been conducted. Before the pandemic, SCIA would bring its students overseas for a global education and cultural exchange. However, the new normal resulting from covid-19 pandemic has caused a shift from a “physical” exchange programme, to one that is conducted virtually.  
On 26 and 28 October 2021, SCIA’s Grade 9 & 10 students participated in a range of enriching online activities with students from Hougang Secondary School, Singapore. These activities included introduction of both schools, virtual escape room experience, sharing of school experiences, getting to know each other by using the “Padlet” application, and concluded with a reflection session. In this exchange programme, the students in Singapore learned about Cambodia’s unique Khmer heritage and culture, and vice versa.

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