A Year of Spotlight on the Arts – ISPP – International School of Phnom Penh

In visual arts, the learning seemed to take on a life of its own…
Once a year in Elementary, each grade level is given the opportunity to share their learning, explorations and achievements in the arts with their families.

Last year’s Spotlight on the Arts events highlighted some magnificent learning across multiple grade levels. Performances were diverse – and instrumentation, theatre, dancing and singing were all given their moments to shine. The unique presentations reflected our programme’s diversity and our students’ progression. In visual arts, the learning seemed to take on a life of its own… as displays expanded into every corner of the campus. Both collaborative and individual projects were displayed in galleries, walkways and gardens! Spaces were filled with colourful two-dimensional and sculptural work from all ages.

To wrap the year up, we were excited to celebrate our first-ever event for our youngest learners! Families joined in with their children and were given a window into the play-based learning programme that happens in EY Arts.

We wish to thank all of our families for your incredible attendance at these events. We loved having you celebrate the arts with us!

Karyn TempletonPYP Lower Elementary Arts Teacher

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