AISPP Receives Prestigious ACS WASC Accreditation

Some of the benefits students receive when attending an ACS WASC accredited school, like AISPP, include:Recognized and Trusted Credentials: Graduating from an accredited school like AISPP enhances the credibility of a student’s educational qualifications, making them more widely recognized and accepted by colleges and universities worldwideBetter job prospects: Employers often look for graduates of accredited schools when hiring new employees.Increased opportunities for scholarships and financial aid: Many scholarships and financial aid programs are only available to students who attend accredited schools.In the spirit of this accreditation, AISPP reaffirms its commitment to fostering global citizens, critical thinkers, and compassionate leaders who will positively impact the world. Our school will continue to grow and evolve, empowered by this recognition, as we strive to provide the best educational experience for our students.

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