Announcement of the MoEYS on the 20th February Community Transmission – Australian International School Phnom Penh %

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 to the schools and community resulting from the 20th February Community Transmission, the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (MoEYS) requests to all public and private educational institutions to strictly adhere to the Health & Safety measures and the “3 Preventions and 3 DON’Ts” from the date of this announcement: Strictly adhere to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Guidelines of the MoEYS issued on 4th August 2020.Suspend all forms of gathering and sport activities involving more than 20 participants.Management Staff of the educational institutions must immediately report to the relevant authorities if any members of the management have been in direct-contact with anyone from the 20th February Community Transmission.  Management of the educational institutions must produce a report of educational staff members who have been in direct-contact with anyone from the 20th February Community Transmission. Educational staff who have been in direct contact relative to the Community Transmission of the 20th of February, must report to relevant educational authorities and self-quarantine.   As per above mentioned, the Department of Education Youth and Sports of Phnom Penh shall disseminate this announcement to all district administrative offices of Education Youth and Sports, management of all levels of educational institutions, educational staff, parents, and guardians shall cooperate in this matter.Saturday, 9 Keurt, Month of Phalkun, Year of Rat, Buddhist Year 2564Phnom Penh, 20 February 2021Minister of Education, Youth and Sports [signed and stamped] Bandith Sakphearchar Dr. HANG CHUON Naron

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