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SassyElena JeanI have a question does anyone have a hard time with their autistic daughter to keep her pants on and her diapers on and my daughter is 2 years old so it’s hard to get her to keep her pants and diapers on I’m just looking for advice how to get her to keep her pants and diapers on and if anyone else has this issues too with there autism 2 year old please let me know and thanks.

Brittany YzaguirreCurrently going through this now with my 2 yr old. She also refuses to keep her socks and shoes on.

SassyElena JeanBrittany Yzaguirre yeah she’s the same way when it comes to socks and she won’t even wear her boots and she won’t even walk in them either she throws them down on the ground and I’m like oh wow but I know it’s a part of being a kid but I know it also has to do with her sensory issues too she’s getting wear she doesn’t want me putting on her clothes too she had her first brake down last night and that would be called her first meltdown and she had one earlier too and it scares me too and the diaper part oh man I’m trying to hard to keep them on and I don’t let anyone watch her because I don’t trust anyone else with her at all and I’m the only one that knows how to change her diapers and her dad we the only ones she let she won’t let anyone do it

Brittany YzaguirreSassyElena Jean I completely understand, my daughter only stays with my grandma other than myself and my husband of course. I’ve gotten to the point I just let her wear her crocs cause they’re easier to put on and off when we go places since I know as soon as we get in the car she’ll kick them off. She also has been having meltdowns in the car because she doesn’t like the car seat straps on her chest. I’ve tried to loosen them and everything but she still tries to take them off. It’s tough but I know it’s even tougher for them.

SassyElena JeanYeah my daughter does the same thing too she tries to calm out her car seat though and takes the straps off her chest and she’s getting where she don’t want to sit in the bath tube anymore I try to sit her down but it doesn’t work at all

Alonda K PetersonTry footy PJs with a baby-safe pin from the zipper head to the collar. This was all I could do to keep my little girl covered. Also I wouldn’t let any males besides the child’s Dad watch her till that is under control. I only say this because she’s to young to understand boundaries and safety. I wouldn’t want anyone to take advantage of her lack of self-preservation. Also if nonverbal she won’t be able to speak for herself or even know what to say. I don’t mean to scare anyone but I’ve been threw it. #Jadeslaw

SassyElena JeanAlonda K Peterson yeah I know that’s why I’m a 24/7 mom who stays home and take care of my kids I also have an ADHD kid that none stop but she keeps her socks and boots on and diapers on too she’s 4 and doesn’t have autism and my 2-year-old is the only one that has autism so all this is new to me and still learning I knew since she was born she was autistic for some reason and it showed more and more when she got older so at 14 months I had her checked out even her doctor knew too and I don’t have anyone change her but me and her dad and no one watches her I stay home with them and stuff since it’s so cold out and my daughter won’t keep her socks on and boots I keep her inside cause she don’t like anything on her feet at all she even walks on her tippy toes too cause she don’t like carpet and walking on it but I love my babies though

Ann Marie DolanI have a 4-year-old autistic daughter. The sensory issues with clothing AND Socks AND shoes started just before she turned 2. And continued until a few months ago. Very difficult times. Covid was a help in that respect we had to stay home but when we had… See more

SassyElena JeanAnn Marie Dolan yeah that’s when my 2-year-old started when she turned 2 too she don’t like anything on her feet she doesn’t really like me touching her feet at all she getting where she stands up in the bath tube now so I have to wash her up while she’s standing up now idk if any of you guys have that issue too but it’s hard to keep diapers and socks on her and now she’s doing her clothes too she doesn’t like me brushing her hair either I’m like oh no she’s not gonna as her hair brushed

Ann Marie DolanSassyElena Jean so I think their little system starts developing enough not just to notice stuff they didn’t before but the system developing….. highlights a bunch of new sensations all at once that their sensitivities go into hyperdrive. In the same way … See more

Tooba Kifayat AbdulnourMy daughter has done this … Entire winter she wouldn’t wear her pants .. or even socks… She was also not potty trained .. but Alhamdulillah is now wearing her pants and is potty trained in the bathroom … She is now 6 .. and Alhamdulillah she doing much better 🥰

Mindy GossTooba Kifayat Abdulnour how did you get your daughter potty trained.

Tooba Kifayat AbdulnourMindy Goss has a twin .. and my other twin daughter is fine .. she used to go to the bathroom and my Autistic daughter usually learned everything from her

Niko LangAs far as I know, there is clothing (full body) that is very difficult to undress without help (like with the tipper on the back).

Chris PikeMy family had a difficult time keeping clothes on me for most of my childhood. There was marginal success by the time I was about 6 and was starting school, but if I was having a meltdown, the clothes came off. Or if I saw water because I would invariably end up in it and I dislike the feel of wet clothes. They learned the materials I couldn’t tolerate and got rid of those which greatly improved the situation, and they paid more attention to how things fit which was also a major factor.

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