BEHIND THE SCENES: CHOICE International Service Trip 2019

The annual CHOICE international service trip is more than the highlight of our organisation – it is the pinnacle of our endeavours, and the culmination of our teaching experience and passion. To ensure that our teaching meet the needs of the schools we serve, the CHOICE committee went on a pre-trip in late June to ascertain our goals and better understand the schools we are going to serve.
In the trip, we tested out our teaching plans and met with teachers and student leaders to discuss about their schools’ needs and expectations from CHOICE. From experiment demonstrations to subject consultation sessions, we have solidified our direction of our upcoming programme and grounded our preparation to maximise feasiblity and impact. All of these would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support from REED Nepal. We would like to thank Gita, Narayan, Dhan, and Tularam from REED Nepal for their guidance and help along the way. Without their help, CHOICE would not have been able to localise our mission for tangible impact.

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