Not Just Kids But Family Care – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

We all know that our work throughout the course is about kids and young adults development and rehabilitation whom are the Bamboo shoots. But a responsible Care and Give is not just the show but back scenes of their daily life, and family situation. Angkor Kids Center / All for Kids Organization is paying our effort … Read more

AKC Welcomes Executive Director to Take Over AKC

“Education is the Key for Change”, Hak quoted. Hak has been employed by All For Kids Organization as the first full time Executive Director to take over the school and project management. This incredible HR development has been made available only with the greatest support from the donors to Helpucation e.V in Germany. Let’s have … Read more


A movie can be a gateway to exploring complex ideas and open children’s eyes to other ways of looking at the world. Movie is not just a part of the entertainment, but it also a product of technological development, and as a tool for providing education. This approach is starting with the our Angkor Kids … Read more

The Return of Matured AKC Alumnus Meam – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Would the return of our alumnus as another success story for AKC? Meam opens a case study here: Just like a quick moment passed but it has been already over ten years now that we have put our work on this social projects. It has been quite a period of time that our initial alumnus … Read more

Purified Drinking Water System – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Drink Well, Eat Well and Live Well, is a slogan commonly used as a form to remind people to live a healthy life. With understanding that school is the second home for general kids, Angkor Kids Center took an advanced step to have our kids and team a healthier life. So what we have approached? … Read more

Link For Aid President Pamela Visit with Loves – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

At least once of every year since 2011, Pamela McCourt Francescone the founder of Link For Aid Italy visit Somrong community and our AKC school. Every time she comes, several meaningful gifts are brought over to our kids and school. As for this year 2019, 25 new classroom-chair-desks for our new classroom, 8 bicycles and 8 satchels … Read more

Meaningful and Successful 2019 – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Before all, please allow our AKC / AFK family wish you all the warmest and greatest Season’s Greetings! It comes to a conclusion 😉 Let’s use our countdown moment to review our meaningful and successful 2019. This year 2019 has been a year of our historical progress for ALL FOR KIDS ORGANIZATION. AFK family is … Read more

AKC School Reopening Its Stage1 – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Following a certain period of time that AKC School has been closed due to Covid-19 pandemic since 23rd of March 2020. Having seen the 4 respective instructions / announcements issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) of the Royal Government of Cambodia.Along with the confirmation of the Office of Education of Angkor … Read more

School Roof Renovation Campaign – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Right after almost 10 years standing in the 30 to 40 degree Celsius, rain and storms, the school Roof get into a situation that could not be fixed therefore a proper Replacement is needed. After consulting with experts, a better quality of Zinc should be used. The full area of 250 square meters should cost around 2,000$ (Two … Read more

AKC School Closure for 2 Weeks – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

AKC school would like to inform you that we have a surprised news of the school closure nationwide yesterday evening due to the Covid-19 spread out from the Kandal province to other area. The announcement says the shut down will be for two weeks but subject to the situation within this time.Our team will work … Read more