I was diagnosed with Aspergers – Autism Cambodia

I’m a 43 year old male and consider myself to be fairly worldly-wise. I was diagnosed with Aspergers around six months ago and was obviously curious to find out more about how my mind works and why I’ve always thought and acted a certain way. I’ve been a holiday rep and have a responsible job … Read more

My mother used drugs and alcohol – Autism Cambodia

Hello I have FASD but I also believe I am undiagnosed (self-diagnosed) autism. My birth mother used drugs and alcohol, I am seeking a diagnosis but I recently decided to enroll in college for psychology… life has never been easy I find myself constantly reading about psychology to understand the world and people how things … Read more

Autism – accidentally hurting pets – Autism Cambodia

Does anyone have problems with their child on the spectrum with accidentally hurting their pets due to rough playing even after being told to be nice and showing them nice ways to handle and play with the pets or purposely hurting them because they think the animals reaction is funny? I understand that they sometimes … Read more

Autism – Parents make it worse – Autism Cambodia

Today my Mum said “Autism is Nature versus Nurture. Parents make it worse and it’s only as a result of their pandering to them that they get this in the first place!”I tried saying that they’re born with it and it’s genetic but I was told this was a load of rubbish and was an … Read more

Autism and ADHD – Autism Cambodia

My 8 yo little guy had a rough time tonight. We were at an adult birthday party that in turn had a lot of kids present. The only kids my son knew were his little brother and 3 cousins. At one point, they were all screaming and running wild in the house while the majority … Read more

Autism and Tourette Syndrome – Autism Cambodia

I am 29 and still wet the bed at night and have problems with my brain getting the signal to go to the bathroom during the day. For this reason, i have bladder accidents and less frequently, bowel accidents. I often don’t know until it’s too late. Even though setting an alarm helps, I still … Read more

Autism spectrum disorder – Autism Cambodia

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a broad range of mental health conditions characterized by challenges in speech, non-verbal communication, social skills, and repetitive disorders. Cambodia has put measures in place to ensure that children with autism get education opportunities. There are several classrooms in state schools that cater to the children with disabilities in the whole country. Through … Read more

How do you deal with teens with autism? – Autism Cambodia

How do you deal with teens with autism who can open windows? My daughter is 14 and she knows how to remove child locks now. She also jumped off the window during a meltdown. From a firefighter myself, who has an autistic non verbal child… let your fire dept know which window is his/hers and … Read more

My son has Autism – Autism Cambodia

I don’t know if anybody is dealing with this or has dealt with this. But I work full time. Before my son started therapy I had a flexible schedule where I could have worked night and day where my kids would see me more. But now with my son’s schedule, I have to work nights. … Read more

How do you deal with autistic children – Autism Cambodia

How do you all deal with children & unlocking doors and walking out? I fear that my 3 yr old son learned how to unlock doors and what if he leaves OUTSIDE in the night? I might put extra locks. Any ideas on how you deal with it? Thank each and every single one of … Read more