Hello, my first time speaking of my son’s passing other than family and friends. My son had just turned 16 and was high-functioning autistic. He passed in his sleep of complications from a seizure. Which was his first known seizure. He may of been having small seizures and we were just seeing them as his normal “autistic” self. As far as I’ve been told this is rare… I’m trying to find out the connection between autism and epilepsy. Is there anyone on here that relates at all to this??
All of you PLEASE consider once you notice a sign of a seizure coming or one is happening consider this remedy that somebody I know swears by. Her husband suffers from grand mal seizures. Lick your finger and stick it in cayenne pepper then put it under their tongue immediately. It could save someone. My deepest condolences to all of you esp to the people who have lost loved ones. The cayenne pepper remedy is also supposed to stop heart attacks. I wish you all the best.
Did you ever seek out any genetic testing for other genetic disorders? Not for autism but others.
In ASD patients with epilepsy, almost half of the patients have a genetic etiology. Among them, SCN1A and MECP2 are responsible for most of the phenotypes associated with these respective disorders.
These are genetic abnormalities that indicate epilepsy.
Thank you for sharing that my son is four I don’t believe he has ever had any seizures but I wonder if seeing a neurologist is just something that we should do.
Unfortunately, I have witnessed much Sudden Death EP when I was working as a Senior Manager at the National Society for Epilepsy. Some very Yong from 16 years upwards. They often have a complete neurological shutdown and a few rapid generalized seizures. It is a very sad situation and unfortunately, you just have no indication whatsoever of Sudden Death EP.
You have my deepest sympathy. I really do understand how it happens. God bless you all.
I am so sorry for your loss. I can relate to ehat you are going through in the aspect of lossing a child. My son was 11 yrs old and was high functioning as well. I am here if you ever need to talk to someone who can relate.
I am so so sorry for your loss! Oh my son had two seizures in the past year he’s never had them before! I believe it’s from too much medication! The scares me I’ve never heard of anyone passing away of a seizure. I will do more research on it thank you for sharing and again I am so so sorry for your loss.
I’m so sorry for your loss. My son had his first seizure a week after his 3rd birthday. He has been having them every since. He’s 25 and still has them now. He’s on medication although he still has them he’s not having 10 or more a day. He is down to 1-2 a week. We’ve tried everything he even has a VNS.
Very sorry for your loss..my brother has had seizures most of his life..he’s older they didn’t call it autism back then..he’s barely verbal very low functioning. His seizures are very bad..he’s fallen and banged his head during a seizure..now he has to wear a special helmet…if you don’t bring him out of that seizure it could lead to a massive stroke..but since your son may have had his seizure in the middle of the night there was no one there to bring him out of his seizure so he probably did have a massive stroke or even a heart attack..we bring my brother around and out of the seizure with smelling sauce or even alcohol passed in front of his nose…my prayers for you and your family..
So sorry for your loss
I can only imagine how much you are hurting it’s good to talk & im glad you have Ashley
It must of been 2 years ago my then 17 year old son had a seizure, my son hadn’t been hungry at tea time so his Dad went up to his room to see if he’d like his tea, he said yes so his dad went downstairs to heat it up for him while I was doing a clients nails, dad went straight up to give his tea once it was heated up, when he went into my sons room he was rigid & his body was shaking, he quickly called on me but didn’t allow me in my sons room till right away, Dad had got my son into the recovery position, once the shaking stopped I came in & phone emergency services, he was very drowsy & was breathing heavily, we kept talking while on the phone to emergency services, once they’d arrived my son was still sleeping, he was unconscious a good 30-40 minutes,we got my son into the ambulance & dad met us when we got my son a room, the drs took his temperature & his bloods, gave him an ECG & it was noticed by a nurse while checking for any sort of rash his follicles around the top of his back was raised indicating he had a possible infection, they kept my son overnight, he also had a chest infection, he was fine through the night & got discharged the next day. All my son could recall before the seizure is watching a video on his computer then saw blue & red before blacking out. Drs don’t think he has a form of epilepsy as it hasn’t happened again thankfully.
I hope you find answers Ashley to help you find some sort of peace
If you want to ask me any questions I’m happy to try & help xx