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Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had advice on homeschooling a nonverbal 3-year-old. I don’t trust the school system but I’m lost on where to start.

Rachel MeheraThere’s a group called Autism Inclusivity that I think might help, too, if you’re not already in it. They’re amazing and insightful. We started our autistic almost six-year-old with homeschooling a few years ago and heavily relied on his lead with interests and the best way for him to learn. I think that trying different methods with your child to see how they respond is a good starting point. If there are any interests he already has, I’d say to focus on those so it’s easier for him to shift. But taking our son’s lead and valuing how he can learn is the best approach for us.

Anne Jo Lee HillI’m actually working on getting together, moms, at our church, to help each other. I truly believe if you can’t find a group, you can create one. I’m positive that someone in you area feels the same.

Goose BurrisI’m not sure your school system, switch to connections academy, they are amazing, and accommodate any learning disability, my daughter wasn’t diagnosed with autism until 7, and the school set in place a great schedule for her and lessons to accommodate… See more

Stacey GálvezGoose Burris this is a homeschool program?

Goose BurrisStacey Gálvez yes

James Rebekha NicholsHello Faith! I would definitely look and see if there are any homeschool Facebook pages for your home state. I have found those very helpful. They also introduced me to the idea of homeschool pods and forest schools which I am considering for my daughter. They also offer a ton of great resources for social events your child may be interested in. I think a lot of people have the wrong impression of homeschooling, especially when it comes to homeschooling kids on the spectrum. You can absolutely make homeschooling a social event. Good luck on your new adventure!

Faith SullivanAuthorJames Rebekha Nichols thank you so much

Yeimi BautistaI understand, I have a 5-year-old and had to take him out of school because he was not feeling safe, they were no help in getting him the help he needs. I plan to put him back in school next year but different location, can you maybe check your areas w… See more

Faith SullivanAuthorYeimi Bautista they are not allowing me camera access or sitting in they will only send a notebook home which I refuse to do he is nonverbal so I can’t ask him how his day went he is in speech therapy so he’s getting Speech and other accommodations to somebody else. Until he has a way to communicate I will not put him in school

Yeimi BautistaFaith Sullivan completely understands, its frustrating I have been in your place and that is why my son was taken out this year they would tell me one thing on notes and he would show me another thing, if you have the time please check out Speech Blub its an app and Teachers by teachers they have really fun activities some are free and others are only $1-$3 that you can print and make fun activities out of it.

Jessica PlumondoreMy son was non-verbal until 3.5. However, he loves to learn independently. Some of the first words were the alphabet and numbers. He’s learning mama.

Marge BatugalIf the child is still non-verbal at 3, individual therapy sessions may be better than a school program for the meantime. Because homeschooling curriculums will still require verbal output that may be challenging given her situation. So might as well have that addressed by a professional first

Faith SullivanAuthorMarge Batugal he’s in speech and I’m not starting right now just want to get started learning before I start. Probably around age 5

Candy Tommy CapoI honestly do not recommend homeschooling until therapies are in place abs you have a firm handle on autism. I recommend Speech, Occupational Therapy, Early Intervention and Family training, Physical Therapy if needed and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis… See more

Faith SullivanAuthorCandy Tommy Capo I don’t believe in aba and he’s in speech

Candy Tommy CapoFaith Sullivan ABA, if done right, is the only therapy that can and will make the difference for Autism. The goal is for every child to be mainstreamed, end up a little quirky, but have an independent life. Without the shaping of behaviors, it is highly probable that he or she will not reach their maximum potential. My oldest is almost 30 and my grandson is 4. Oldest didn’t have the opportunity to have ABA while 4 year old has had for 2 years. The difference is astounding. Whatever therapy, u will see some improvement, but with anything and everything, you get out of it what you put into it.

Faith SullivanAuthorNothing u say Is going to change my mind. It’s called aba for a reason and I don’t believe in that reason. I’m glad it works for u but no thank you. My son will reach his full potential without it. Thanks

Candy Tommy CapoFaith Sullivan Best of luck to you.

Carrie BackertHomeschooling your toddler is fine, but please look into some outside therapies and early intervention programs in your area.

Faith SullivanAuthorCarrie Backert did. His in speech and he’s too old for early intervention now. Stops at 3 unless I put him in school that I’m not allowed access to

Ana CardisPut him into public school trust me. I’m autistic and going to public school was the best thing

Faith SullivanAuthorAna Cardis were you nonverbal with no receptive communication?

Ana CardisFaith Sullivan yes and no I only spoke to females that looked like my mother and even then I only spoke 5 words at a time then was quiet for hours

Faith SullivanAuthorAna Cardis my son has absolutely no words and no understanding of the words people are telling him. Unless my son can come home and tell me about his day I don’t feel comfortable putting him somewhere where I would have no idea what is happening. Too much abuse goes on with special needs children and my son won’t be one of them. If one day he wants to then, of course, I’ll let him but until then he’s here with me

Christina TuttleLook for home learning programs and also i use sign language, apps, flashcards, blocks, dry erase learning books… i vould go on foreverrrrrrrrr

Aricia TapeshThere are certain applications for nonverbal people with autism and Apple products to help them communicate. There’s also homeschooling apps and everything on there as well

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