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How do you all deal with children & unlocking doors and walking out? I fear that my 3 yr old son learned how to unlock doors and what if he leaves OUTSIDE in the night? I might put extra locks. Any ideas on how you deal with it?

Thank each and every single one of you! I have a home alarm system but I don’t want him wandering in the house while I’m asleep. So I’m also going to get the noise alarm for the bedroom doors and a high chain lock for the doors!

Key lock deadbolts only a key can open both sides my son was a runner scariest thing ever that was what we did n worked also gave better peace of mind !

I had to put a hook latch on the inside of my doors so I could lock them at night so he wouldn’t go outside. I had the same incident with my son when he was little it was scary.

This is a real concern, also for nonautistic children. As a child, my sister-in-law went sleepwalking and went to the neighbor’s house. Luckily the neighbors were night owls and brought her back home.

I have these for my Severe Autistic son he is 4 years old I’m a single mom with 2 kids so I’m always thinking to ways to help with his safety.

We have burglar bars on our windows and doors that need a key to open. Even our door into the garage has a lock on it that needs a key. They are always locked 24/7. I carry the keys with me during the day and hide them at night inside a sock tied in a knot in my sock drawer under all the socks. That is the best hiding spot! My son will run at the drop of a hat. He wakes up at night and has tried to go outside but thanks to the bars he can’t. This is the only reason I can actually get sleep at night without worry.

If it’s a sliding door you can put a padlock through a hole drilled on the base which will prevent it from opening. Had to do this with my son. Resorted to hanging the house and car keys from the ceiling Unfortunately he still got out having learnt how to use objects stacked to climb up and get them unfortunately for me autism = awesome strategist/ puzzle solver!

Had to install eye hooks high enough but thin ones for in case of emergency could be pushed threw… also bells on doors- stopped fixing the squeaks also…. only happened once in the middle of Night and was the sound of the door that woke me

I was so happy when my son Brody learned how to walk at 7 yrs. Now he knows how to unlock doors. my advice is a video monitoring. Extra security measures …additional locks out of reach. Im around my son 24 7 and that seems to be nonsufficient sometimes.In 5 seconds he can from 0 to trouble in a heartbeat.

We have a double key deadbolt. Needed it with my gramma with dementia. And it can in handy once I had my son. We just put a command hook up to hang the key up high next to the door.

Literally just happened to me for the first time ever a little while ago, my almost 6-year-old autistic son ran out the front door while Comcast Xfinity was here to fix my internet issues (which because I didn’t have a connection, none of my alarms or cameras or anything worked!!!) so, the fire department came out and advised that I get door alarms that are not hardwired (in case of another outage) and also a medical bracelet with his info on it) but, I’ve also thought about having a monitor on him at all times for even when he’s older since he is nonverbal…..Luckily he didn’t get far at all, since I was right out front but, still.Fire department, police department and EMTs made it known that this sort of thing happens ALL the time, and even more often with elderly with Alzheimer’s.

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