How do you deal with teens with autism? – Autism Cambodia

How do you deal with teens with autism who can open windows? My daughter is 14 and she knows how to remove child locks now. She also jumped off the window during a meltdown.

From a firefighter myself, who has an autistic non verbal child… let your fire dept know which window is his/hers and we’ll cut it also making entry into that room a high priorityMy bedroom used to be on the 2nd floor at my mom’s house and at my dad’s house, so there was no way I could jump out of those windows without getting injured!My 3 year old tries to push the window and screen up if unlocked, scariest thing. All of them have heavy duty locksim trying to find one, I just realized our vertical sliding window do not have a heavy duty lock modeled for it seems like I have to change the entire window!

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