Letter from the Head of School – Australian International School Phnom Penh %

Dear parents, students and friends of AISPP –What an amazing year we have had! I am really pleased with all of the hard work evidenced from all sides of our AISPP world:students with engaged learning on campus and finishing the year strongly online;teachers with all of their preparations behind the scenes – supporting and encouraging all of our students to give their best each day (whether or not the kids felt like it!);parents for giving their utmost to keep their children balanced and happy at home, especially in the heart of the covid pandemic;support team members for ALL that they do to keep the school running smoothly, as their work also became more difficult when everything went on-line;board members who supported and moved forward as a team with all of the accomplishments that AISPP reached this year.I am so pleased that the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports was instrumental in getting all educators vaccinated early in the timeline of Phnom Penh. This made a big change in the wellbeing of our team, as we feel so much safer.It has been a difficult year for most of us – the uncertainty of “what is coming next” is not easy to deal with psychologically, as we all do better daily when we know the answers – or at least some of the answers. But I want to thank all of you for your dedication, your caring attitude and cooperation with one another, and the trust that you have kept in AISPP to take the best possible care of the students, your children. It has been our joy to see the children – both in the school building when it was allowed, and on the computer screen when we had to teach and learn online.We have made huge strides in our journey to becoming one of the best schools in Cambodia. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reached these major educational accomplishments all during this school year.IB MYP AuthorisationCouncil of International Schools (CIS) MembershipWestern Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) application submittedIB Career-related Programme (CP) AuthorisationWe have reached these milestones in 4 years, as well as earning the IB PYP and the IB DP Authorisations, where many schools need up to 10 years to do so much. This is something that AISPP is hugely proud of, with good reason. It was a lot of work and I wish to thank everyone on our team for their commitment and support.We remain hopeful that the MoEYS can reopen schools for the start of our next academic year to learning on campus, but we are ready to go back online if need be.Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful school holiday time, and looking forward to seeing everyone again in August!Professionally yours,Betsy Hanselmann, M. Ed.Head of School

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