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I don’t know if anybody is dealing with this or has dealt with this. But I work full time. Before my son started therapy I had a flexible schedule where I could have worked night and day where my kids would see me more. But now with my son’s schedule, I have to work nights. To make sure he gets to therapy. So they are with there are with my boyfriend which is dad (I also have a baby girl)in the nights and my kids will barely see me throughout the week unless I’m off. Now my son’s teacher tells me that he is needing attention from me because he is showing that he is in need of it. Now I feel really bad because I have to work and make sure he gets to therapy. But they are not getting my full attention. I also know that it is true because sometimes I would get overwhelmed with my kids when I have my day off. Did any parent go through this? If so how did you build a schedule to where your ability to work and be with your kids.

You have been great and doing your best. I suggest tell the facts to the teacher, how you felt, and then ask the teacher what is the basis of his/her conclusion, and then maybe he/she will find another way to help out instead of pointing or blaming.Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.were suppose to schedule a conference so I can really knows what’s going on.We do teletherapy online speech, music, Art through Miami Institute all done at home online I in the past worked the 11pm – 7am shifts before to be available during day more sending prayers for answers;I would ask the teacher to show you how to clone yourself.

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