From: Ashley Marie

Just wanted to brag for a minute about my beautiful son Blaze! He will be 5 next month and is autistic. I’ve been blessed to not have to work and be able to stay at home with him this past year and I’ve watched him grow immensely. He didn’t speak much at all for the first few years I didn’t get to hear him call me mommy until recently! When he’s hard at play he still babbles at times but his speech has improved so much. He went from nothing to repeating and mimicking to understanding what he is saying and communicating! He wants to learn at all times. He now knows his abcs counting forward and backward colors months shapes. The list goes on. He is sooooo smart and amazes me every day. I’m so proud of my baby. I highly recommend “simple songs” This is where his learning seemed to begin. You can find it on YouTube. It’s teaching songs for kids and it truly has taught Blaze so much. He goes around singing them all day.
Bravo for the little man. Our daughter likes simple songs as well. I try to avoid the screen because yes she learns but gets in her bubble as well.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Blaze. Your story gives me encouragement and I look forward to hearing my Kiki begin to talk one day. She’s 2 1/2 nonverbal but it started babbling very much so these past two months. It sounds like she’s trying to make sentences. And thank you for the recommendation I never heard of these simply songs before

Handicap is a matter of environment/surrounding.
When you are with ppl and in a job that focuses on your good idea and keeps you fed with dopamine, it’s great.
When you are in another environment it’s the apocalypse.
And Don’t Forget the compensatory burden. It’s the part of ADHD that you put on your family members, willing coworkers and friends. Maybe this time, no one compensates for you enough To succeed without therapy/meds.

I am a behavioral tech for kids on the spectrum and LOVE simple songs! I use them with all the kiddos I come into contact with!
Go little buddy! You can do it!

Blaze didn’t speak at all at three. I would say the last 6 months to a year is when it started! So your grandson could very well become verbal with time. 3 is still super young and even “typical” kids don’t always speak much at that age. We are about to start speech therapy next week. That’s something your grandson should be qualified for as well!