Service Trip 2017

This year marks the third and final year of CHOICE’S “Free By Three” mission as we, along with our volunteers, return to the village of Catdang in the Nam Đinh province of Vietnam.
We revisited the 3 middle schools which we have taught at in the past 2 years to continue and cement our efforts there.
Before we embarked on our trip, each of our volunteers were assigned to different schools and asked to pair up to design detailed lesson plans to teach to the students. During our 5 days of teaching, we helped local teachers in their English lessons in the morning, and introduce livelier and more interactive methods of teaching to them. In the afternoon, our teaching plans were put into action and we taught students other knowledge through games and activities, e.g. Chemistry, Biology, Music etc.
The trip was an unforgettable experience for all of our volunteers, and we hope, also for the students. Although our trip to Catdang was short, we believe that the impact we made on the students and the teachers will be long-lasting, and serve as inspiration and encouragement for them to continue to study hard in the future.
Please head to our “Service Projects” page for more details of our 2017 trip.

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