Smart Tips to get your kids to listen to you

Don’t start talking until you have your child’s full attention. Kneel down in front of him and make eye contact while making your request. A friendly touch on the arm, or other physical connection is also helpful.

1. Offer Choices

Kids do not want to be told what to do all the time so always provide them two choices for them to pick from so they will feel that they are in control of the situation.

2. Use fewer words

Children need short and simple sentences that offer direct instructions.Get your child’s attention and use as few words as possible to avoid confusion.

3. Ensure Comprehension

Speak to your child at a level she will understand.Once you’ve given the request, ask your child to paraphrase what you just said, instead of telling them.

4. Set up Routines

It is important for you to establish a set of routine for your child.With a routine, a child will learn over time when it’s time to brush their teeth or fix the bed.They will take pride in knowing what they are supposed to do – and doing it by themselves without you nagging.

5. Listen

It is necessary that you set an example by listening to them and giving them the attention they want when they are speaking to you.Having good family communication and active listening can do several things to encourage your child to listen.

7. Get into their space

Show them respect when you make time to listen to their concerns, and it will be easier for them to show respect back when they feel respected.

8. Engage Cooperation

When you want your kids to cooperate, it is easier if they understand why they need to do something and how this can help them.They need to see the importance of following directions.

9. Use Positive Language

Children respond better to direct instructions that tell them what to do rather than what cannot be done.

10. Positive Reinforcement

When your child follows your directions, provide positive consequences to reinforce the behavior like a compliment or a surprise reward once in a while.

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