New Hope for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Leia feels out of options, and neurologist Dr. Spencer Miller explains MeRT, which is an emerging technology and tries to … source

វិបត្តិកូវីដ! សួនសត្វមួយប្រកាសលក់សត្វដំរីចំនួន ១១ក្បាល

វិបត្តិកូវីដ! #សួនសត្វមួយប្រកាសលក់#សត្វដំរីចំនួន ១១ក្បាល Watch E-ARTS CAMBODIA (EAC) live … source

How to Help Someone who has ADHD

Hello hearts who love ADHD brains! This week’s video is all about YOU – we know how frustrating life with us can be, and this … source

什麼是ADHD?可能衍生反社會人格?成人也有ADHD!【心理學】 | 維思維

ADHD 全名叫Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder注意力不足過動症顧。 名思義他的主要特點就是「注意力不足」和「過動」這兩個的 … source

21-Year-Old Is First Athlete With Down Syndrome To Attempt Ironman Triathlon | NBC Nightly News

Chris Nikic will swim 2.4 miles in open water, cycle 112 miles then run a full 26.2 mile marathon. “I can prove to kids that if I can do … source