Student with Down Syndrome Makes History as He Graduates From College

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I Have Dyslexia!

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Autism: Challenging Behaviour (Controversial Autism Treatment Documentary) | Real Stories

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Not Just Kids But Family Care – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

We all know that our work throughout the course is about kids and young adults development and rehabilitation whom are the Bamboo shoots. But a responsible Care and Give is not just the show but back scenes of their daily life, and family situation. Angkor Kids Center / All for Kids Organization is paying our effort … Read more


A movie can be a gateway to exploring complex ideas and open children’s eyes to other ways of looking at the world. Movie is not just a part of the entertainment, but it also a product of technological development, and as a tool for providing education. This approach is starting with the our Angkor Kids … Read more

The Return of Matured AKC Alumnus Meam – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Would the return of our alumnus as another success story for AKC? Meam opens a case study here: Just like a quick moment passed but it has been already over ten years now that we have put our work on this social projects. It has been quite a period of time that our initial alumnus … Read more

Purified Drinking Water System – ANGKOR KIDS CENTER

Drink Well, Eat Well and Live Well, is a slogan commonly used as a form to remind people to live a healthy life. With understanding that school is the second home for general kids, Angkor Kids Center took an advanced step to have our kids and team a healthier life. So what we have approached? … Read more