Self-led learning – ISPP – International School of Phnom Penh

At the start of the year, two ideas formed the basis of conversations as we considered how we could make the best use of the Friday afternoons In 2004, Alphabet (the company that owns Google) explained its “20% time” just before they launched their IPO to the world (Murphy, 2020). The idea behind the 20% … Read more

Executive Function Disorder Defined | Special Education Decoded

The world of special education wasn’t designed to be EASY for us “normal parents” to understand… Just when you thought you … source

Comprehensive education for the blind in Cambodia (Learning World: S5E37, 3/3)

Phalla Neang was the first teacher of Braille in Cambodia and now runs five schools for the blind in the country. Her belief that the … source

ADHD Classroom Strategies – In this episode, Dr. Jonas Bromberg speaks with 5th grade teacher Jon Weinberger of the Lawrence … source

Developing Healthy Learning Habits

Complete homework after school while you’re still in a learning mindset.Have a distraction-free study space.Stay organized by using color coding and keeping your learning materials tidy.Prioritize your assignments to get the most important work done first.Finish assignments early so you don’t feel rushed and can do your best.Ask questions when you are unsure or need … Read more