SCIA welcomes New Principal – SCIA – Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy

The following is a welcome message from Mr. Robin Hamilton: ​ “I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Principal of this premier school in what is such a clearly vibrant and developing county. ​ I was born in Windsor in the UK, and before moving to SE Asia in 2006 I was a lecturer, manager and then … Read more

SCIA Bids Farewell to the Pioneer Staff… – SCIA – Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the impending departure of our leadership team, Ms Ng Bee Sun and Mr Ismail Abdul Samat. In July 2017, Ms Bee Sun joined the pioneer team with Mr Ismail and worked on establishing SCIA as an international school of excellent standing. Being flexible and equipped with … Read more

វិបត្តិកូវីដ! សួនសត្វមួយប្រកាសលក់សត្វដំរីចំនួន ១១ក្បាល

វិបត្តិកូវីដ! #សួនសត្វមួយប្រកាសលក់#សត្វដំរីចំនួន ១១ក្បាល Watch E-ARTS CAMBODIA (EAC) live … source

Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy signs MoU with Siemens Industry Software Pte. Ltd. And STEAMING Cambodia – SCIA – Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy

“We believe that SCIA, Siemens and STEAMING Cambodia share the same vision of providing a learner-centred curriculum and we endeavour to provide engaging and high-quality STEM education to students”, said Mr Tan Wee Pin, Managing Director, SCIA. “By learning industry software while the students are still in school allows them to gain experience they need … Read more

SCIA Won Gold Medal on Copernicus Competition 2021 – SCIA – Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy

There were 1,531 participants from 26 countries competed in 5 different disciplines: Mathematics, Natural Science, Physics and Astronomy, Cyber Security, and Film Festival. The Natural Science and Physics & Astronomy was held in Houston, Texas from 7-9 January 2022. On the first day, we attended the opening ceremony and Astronomy training in NASA to prepare … Read more

Silence Is Not Golden – Growing Up with Selective Mutism

For a large part of his life, the majority of people who have come into contact with Nigel have never heard him speak. He suffers … source

People With Down Syndrome | Can Ask Meh?

Why do you look different? Do you want to be in a romantic relationship? These are some of the questions that people with down … source