New Hope for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Leia feels out of options, and neurologist Dr. Spencer Miller explains MeRT, which is an emerging technology and tries to … source

FIVE TIPS ON SPELLING (How to Spell without Hitches)

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Steeds DRUKKER in de klas?! | De waarheid over ADHD

Er worden minder ADHD-pillen geslikt. Tenminste, die van de populairste soort die je misschien wel kent onder de naam Ritalin. source

Woman Explores Idea of Living a ‘Normal’ Life with Down Syndrome

As a special surprise, The Doctors welcome Scott Patterson who played Luke on the “Gilmore Girls.” Like us on Facebook: … source

How to help an angry child calm down : 5 tips

Regulating emotions can be difficult for any child, those with more of a natural inclination to anger can have an especially difficult time. It is our job as parents to find ways to not only help them calm down when becoming upset but to help them learn to calm down anywhere and in any given situation. Let’s face it, a large part of … Read more

Smart Tips to get your kids to listen to you

Don’t start talking until you have your child’s full attention. Kneel down in front of him and make eye contact while making your request. A friendly touch on the arm, or other physical connection is also helpful. 1. Offer Choices Kids do not want to be told what to do all the time so always … Read more

Tips for online learning by Nun Visokuntheany

Students at both campuses have been producing videos to provide tips for online learning. We will be posting a new one every day for the next several weeks and also will be bringing them together into one collage video, which is known as a montage. Excellent work students! Source link

Encouraging good behaviour: 15 tips » MAKSON International Academy

A positive and constructive approach is often the best way to guide children’s behaviour. This means giving your child attention when they behave well, rather than just applying consequences when your child does something you don’t like.Here are some practical tips for putting this positive approach into action.Tips for good behaviour1. Be a role modelUse … Read more