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Jan. 21st – Elementary Principal-Parent MeetingJan. 31-Feb 1 – NO SCHOOL: Chinese New Year Holiday/ AH Staff Training


It has been fantastic to have more students on campus.  

With permission to have more students in a classroom (while maintaining social distancing) we have been able to have almost full attendance all day every day!

With the resumption of Non-Contact sports we have been able to use the field more for PE, but we notice that many students do not have a hat to wear – we strongly recommend that they should cover their heads (and use sun-screen/block when necessary)

LOGOS baseball caps are available from the office at a cost of $3 each.


Please complete the 2nd part of the parent survey:PARENT SURVEY 2: Q & A DISCUSSION POINTS

Principal Parent Meeting:Friday, January 21st at 10 – 11amTopic: PARENT SURVEY 2 – Q&A DISCUSSIONvia GOOGLE MEET


During the week we have offered school lunch to those who registered in advance. Thank you to those parents and students who read the Wednesday Update / emails and followed the link.

It’s taken a couple of days to get into the routine, but now lunch service is speeding up.  Only two classes can sit in the cafeteria at a time, the others have to return to their classrooms with their food (this allows for suitable social distancing)

Our menu continues to be a mix of Asian and Western dishes and our compliments go to the kitchen staff who are doing an excellent job!

The menu for the remainder of the month:

If you still want to register to eat school lunches you may now do so by contacting the school office or Mr. Gordon who will add your name to the list for the start of February!  Please do not use the link to the survey as the survey has now been closed.


Logos Lightning News Flash: Click HERE! 


Sadly one of our Maintenance guys gave us his resignation over the Christmas holidays – he had to return to the province to fight some land grabbing cases and felt he could not commit about his return to Logos.

This means we are looking for someone to join our team.  Ideally we would love someone with skills in one area and a general knowledge of many “home repair” activities.  The pay is on the AH International Schools Co Ltd scale.  

If you have any contacts who know of someone looking for work we’d be delighted to meet with them – there is an advertisement available


How is Omicron different from the other variants?

When a virus replicates, over time it undergoes genetic mutations–leading to the emergence of new variants. Omicron is the newest variant of concern of Covid-19 that was detected in late November 2021. According to current data from the World Health Organization, this new variant is different from the other variants for the following reasons:

Omicron can adhere to the human’s cells more easily than the other variants.It has the ability to reinfect those who already had Covid-19.Earlier Covid-19 variants, such as Delta, replicate in the lower respiratory tract (the lungs). Omicron, however, has the ability to replicate in the upper respiratory tract, such as the throat and nose. 

What are the symptoms of Omicron?

Those infected with Omicron have symptoms similar to the common cold, such as runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue, or just generally feeling unwell. Although the symptoms are mild, the person is highly contagious because the number of viruses in the person’s upper respiratory tract is numerous (high viral load). 

Prevention strategies?

Keep your child at home if he/she has any cold-like symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, cough, fever, headache, or feeling generally unwell. If you or your children are not already vaccinated, get vaccinated as soon as you can. Continue to wear masks, maintain physical distancing, and frequent hand washing.


Yesterday we poured the beams and pillars for the roof of the new wing.

Next they will be starting on the interior and the roof structure.

Steady progress continues

The concreting crew will now move to the gym where they will raise the floor by some 15cm.  We have ordered a new court surface – but this will be a few weeks before this arrives and is installed.  We have also installed 2 large High Volume Low Speed fans in the gym to help with airflow.


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