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Jan. 21st – Elementary Principal-Parent MeetingJan. 31-Feb 1 – NO SCHOOL: Chinese New Year Holiday/ AH Staff Training


We are well aware that with the return to almost full numbers in the school we have a good deal more traffic on the road – especially in the afternoons.

Those who were at Logos before Covid know that we like to encourage parents to use a ONE WAY system for drop off and pick up.

This means we encourage parents to approach Logos from the NORTH (ie. coming in from Oknha Mong Reththy St) and then to keep flowing in that direction and exit Logos by going down to Street 1952 and exit to Hanoi by turning right – or towards Toul Kork by turning left.

We will have school staff on duty on the road from 3pm each day and it is helpful if drivers will follow their directions.

At the moment it seems to be possible to use the empty plot next to gate 1 for some parking – this helps remove some vehicles from the road.


Please complete the 2nd part of the parent survey:PARENT SURVEY 2: Q & A DISCUSSION POINTS

Principal Parent Meeting:Friday, January 21st at 10 – 11amTopic: PARENT SURVEY 2 – Q&A DISCUSSIONvia GOOGLE MEET


Next THURSDAY (27th January 2022) we’ll be interrupting the teaching day to take photos of all the students and staff – this will finally enable us to update our school systems and provide student ID cards for the older grades.

On Thursday students do NOT need to wear school uniform, but may come in smart casual dress for their photos (those with PE during the day should make sure they have their PE kit and can change for their lesson)

These will probably be the photos that we’ll use for the school Year Book so students should be reminded that these images will go down in history!


Don’t forget – if you want your child(ren) to enjoy school lunch they need to be booked in – please contact the office to get names added.

Unfortunately we can not offer “occasional” lunch vouchers as we are trying to ensure we cater for just the right number in the best way possible, which means some supply orders are placed the previous week.

Our menu continues to be a mix of Asian and Western dishes and our compliments go to the kitchen staff who are doing an excellent job!

The menu for the remainder of the month:


Logos Lightning News Flash: Click HERE!


After many months of online learning it is wonderful to see students being able to play, enjoying the presence of their peers and teachers. Recess, as well as physical education classes, allow students to be physically active and spend some time outside in the sun. Short-term exposure to gentle sunlight, such as in the early morning or late evening, is beneficial for the body. Sunlight helps our body produce Vitamin D, strengthening the immune system, boosting energy, and improving mood. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can be damaging to the skin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are most intense between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, which is the time where most students are outside for recess or PE classes. Practicing sun safety is essential to preventing skin damage. Students are strongly encouraged to apply sunscreen prior to leaving home (especially on days where they have PE) , wear a hat when in the sun, and bring their own water bottle to school.


Wooden boards and forms are coming down and we’re expecting bricks to be delivered any day so they can start on the walls – roofing trusses will be a week or two away.

Steady progress continues

Sadly we have to re-concrete the gym – the last attempt failed to achieve the gradient needed – hopefully that all completed by next Wednesday


We remind students and parents of our bring your own device policy for the older grades.  We were very happy to lend out school Chromebooks to assist students during online learning – realizing that for some the sharing of devices was difficult.

However, with the majority of students back in the classroom we’d like all the Chromebooks back to the school so that they are available for others to use during their scheduled lessons

Thanks to those who have already returned them


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