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Mark Your Calendar

Nov. 8-9  : No School: Independence DayNov. 17-19 : No School: Water Festival BreakDec. 23 : 2nd Quarter EndsDec. 24, 21-Jan 7, 22 : Christmas Holiday



It is the start of a new month and those paying monthly should have already settled their school fee accounts … if you are one of the people who has not settled their bill yet, please get onto it NOW so as to avoid any penalty charges! 


We’ve been delighted to have students at all levels back on the campus.  Thank you for your support and willingness to comply with all of our processes and procedures.

We have heard from the Khan that students will need to carry a copy of their proof of vaccine – for those students who have been vaccinated in Cambodia, we should be able to pull the information from the APP and we will make a paper copy for your child to carry. 

 For those vaccinated outside of the country we may need to ask parents to provide a colour copy of the “Vaccination Certificate” for them to carry in their backpack / about their person (keep all original documents cards somewhere safe at home).  Older students who have a smartphone, may find it easier to access the information through the App in addition to having a paper copy tucked away somewhere.

We are sorry that the requirements seem to keep changing, we will keep you informed when we hear updated information.The office is trying to ensure that all parents of Elementary and Early Years students have their pick-up cards – we are sorry that some of these are temporary – we hope eventually to be able to incorporate all our systems into one QR code system – but this will take a month or two before we are ready to roll it out.  Over the next few weeks we’ll try to update our student pictures – but for many, the most recent photos we have are two years old!  Please let us know of any changes or problems with the system.We continue to encourage the majority of Elementary and Early Years students to use GATE 1 for their entry and exit.

Parents coming onto campus (parents, relatives, etc) will have to show proof of Covid vaccination either through the STOPCOVID App or by presenting their vaccine card 

We ask parents, collecting Early Years and Elementary children, to spend less than 15 minutes on the campus … collect and go


Please find the link from Secondary Lightning News Flash


Next Monday and Tuesday (8th and 9th November) will be a long weekend for students … there is no school on Monday and Tuesday!

Staff will be on campus and attending training sessions and taking professional development opportunities … there will be a mix of CPR training, curriculum mapping studying on some Biola University online courses and catching up with the “Rise Up” teachers’ Conference


As our school is opening for in-person learning, please let me know if your child has any specific health-related needs while at school. You can email me directly at: 

As a friendly reminder, before any medication can be given at school, we need parents/guardians to complete our Medication Authorization Form. You can find relevant health forms and our health policy on our school’s website. 


The boards for the slabs on the third floor are now being laid – we still need a little work for the water supply and drainage in the new science lab, but we’re moving forward. 

Parent Process Group

We understand that this past couple of years has been really challenging– especially for parents. Do you need a confidential, friendly space to share your experiences with other parents in Phnom Penh? We’ve got a space to do that. Living Well is offering “Parent Process Groups”—a semi-structured online time facilitated by Kara Peterson. 

Parent Process Group will meet Fridays from 9:00-10:00am (via zoom). The cost is $55 for 6 group sessions.  Meetings will be conducted in English.

Meeting dates are as follows: November 5, 12, and 16; December 2, 10, and 17.Sign up here!

ASAC Photo competition 

Please check out the details of the ASAC photo competition that is being “hosted” by Logos this year …Check it out …


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