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Oct. 29     : Parent-Teacher ConferenceNov. 8-9  : No School: Independence Day



As we publish the Wednesday Update, we will open to on-campus learning for all classes at all levels as from Monday 1st November. Children who are aged 6 years and above MUST be vaccinated to be able to come on the school campus – evidence of the vaccination needs to have been sent to the school before the children start.  Children aged under 6 years old do not need to be vaccinated. These restrictions are in place due to the document that the Ministry of Education issued to our school and we were asked to sign. 

Students do NOT need to show their proof of vaccination as they enter the campus as this is held in the nurse’s office.  Any other adult coming onto campus (parents, relatives, etc) will have to show proof of Covid vaccination either through the STOPCOVID App or by presenting their vaccine card

In general we ask that Elementary students enter by Gate 1, however if younger children are accompanied by older siblings they may need to enter through Gate 2, they can do this and their brother/sister can see them across to the classroom area.

Early Years and Elementary children who are in school for the whole day will need to bring their snacks and lunch with them.  Parents who want to deliver “home cooked” lunch to their children may do so by dropping it at Gate 1 – it must be in a properly sealed container and labelled with the child’s NAME and GRADE – we will see that it is delivered to the classroom.  Food may not be sent by an App-Delivery company.

Parent Process Group

We understand that this past couple of years has been really

challenging- especially for parents. Do you need a confidential, friendly space to share your experiences with other parents in Phnom Penh? We’ve got a space to do that. Living Well is offering “Parent Process Groups”—a semi-structured online time facilitated by Kara Peterson. 

Parent Process Group will meet Fridays from 9:00-10:00am (via zoom). The cost is $55 for 6 group sessions.  Meetings will be conducted in English.

Meeting dates are as follows: November 5, 12, and 16; December 2, 10, and 17.Sign up here!


As our school is gradually opening for in-person learning, please let me know if your child has any specific health-related needs while at school. You can email me directly at: As a friendly reminder, before any medication can be given at school, we need parents/guardians to complete our Medication Authorization Form. You can find relevant health forms and our health policy on our school’s website. 


Having built up the forms for the pillars they are now preparing to lay the boards for the third floor. 


Logos Elementary Reading Week 2021We are excited to announce that Elementary Reading Week begins Monday, November 1.  Our theme this year is Camp Out With a Good Book!Schedule of activities:Monday: Photo challenges

Classes will complete at least one. Each challenge completed is an extra entry into a prize draw for class dress down days.

Tuesday: Guest Readers

A guest reader will read to your child’s class in a special storytime!

Wednesday: Build a reading tent!

Your child will build their own reading tent (out of sheets, blankets, etc.) and “camp out” in it for their reading time. You can send in a picture of them reading in their tent to their teacher.

Thursday: Fun Activity

Depending on what grade your child is in, they will have a different activity or choice of activities in their packet and/or online.

Friday: Camping dress up day

Students are encouraged to dress up for camping, including all the extras: backpack; camping-themed snack, like trail mix; comfy outdoors clothes; etc.

Reading Logs:Each day a google forms reading log will be available online. Each student who completes it by the following morning at 8:30 will be entered in a prize draw. The first reading log is due on Monday morning; they fill it out if they read at least 15 minutes on Saturday or Sunday. The second reading log will be due on Tuesday morning; they fill it in if they read at least 15 minutes on Monday, and so on through the week. 

I will share the links for all of the reading logs ahead of time, but I will activate each day’s reading log on the morning of the day before it is due. The reading log will be due by 8:30 the following morning. Thank you so much for your help with this event! We hope it’s lots of fun for your child and encourages them to read. Please let me know if you have any questions. Dominique 

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