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Oct. 4-8   : No School: Pchum Ben Holiday Oct. 15      : End of Q1Oct. 22     : Early Release Day & Report Cards sent homeOct. 29     : Early Release & Parent-Teacher ConferenceNov. 8-9  : No School: Independence Day

Pchum Ben Holiday

Next week (4th to 8th October) is scheduled as a school holiday, so the office and site will be closed from the close of business this Friday until we reopen on the morning of 11th October.  We wish all our community a happy holiday – keep safe!


Monday, October 11th – Elementary packet pickup at 8am – 12pm(1st Monday after the Pchum Ben break)October 15th – Principal Parent Meeting at 10-11amTopic: Motivating children to improve Khmer language studiesOctober 22nd – Quarter 1 report cards


For those who pay their annual school fee in monthly installments you need to be aware that the October invoices should be winging their way to you.  Please note that fees are due on the first of the month and there is a “late payment” fee for those whose accounts are not settled promptly!


The Logos administration are planning to open for Grade 7 through to 12.  We have submitted our papers for an opening date of Monday 18th October (the start of the second quarter).  We hope this will be approved.  We are requesting that Grade 6 be allowed to recommence in person studies as soon as possible, but we are less hopeful that this will be approved  for 18th October.  We are also talking with the Ministry of Education regarding reopening for Elementary classes and Early Years, but indications seem to be that this will be later.Please pray with us for a speedy and safe opening.Mr. Barrett will be sending out more details in the near future.


We sent out an email about the Flourishing Schools Culture Initiative from ACSI.  We ask each family to complete the survey.

If you have not already done the survey, please click the link and answer the questions.  Only 19% of our families  have answered so far …. Some of you have already done this, please do NOT answer again.  ACSI requires only ONE completed survey per family. Closes on 30th September.

Alumni (former Logos students) are also invited to complete a survey as part of this initiative – they have a different link – if you have contact with any former Logos students, then please ask them to follow this link for the surveyThank you


You should be aware that Logos is currently in the process of renewing our accreditation with both ACSI and WASC.As a part of this we have updated our PHILOSOPHY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION.  We are updating this in our Parent/Student Handbook, a link to this will be shared with you soon.Every year we update and work on our Continuous School Improvement Plan for Logos International School.  We are delighted to be able to share this working document with the School Community.  It is there for your information.If you have any comments that you wish to make to the School admin team, then you are welcome to do so – our contact details are at the end of this email


I Can’t Sleep A number of teenage students have started to complain of not being able to sleep and feeling tired all the time. Most teens will sleep much better if they simply develop good sleeping habits.As parents here are some things that may help your teenager sleep well and so be better able to study:

Parents should create a calm atmosphere in the home at bedtime.Teens should have a regular, relaxing routine just before bedtime. They need a chance to unwind at night.To help them relax, they should avoid activities that will excite their senses late in the evening. They should find another time for computer games, action movies, intense reading or heavy studying.They should not have anything with caffeine (including soda and chocolate) after 4:00 pm.A regular exercise routine and a healthy diet will help them sleep better at night.Keep the lights dim in the evening. Open the curtains or blinds to let in bright light in the morning. This helps keep their body clocks set at the right time.If they must take a nap, they should keep it to under an hour.It can be hard for teens to get enough sleep during the week. They may need to wake up later on weekends. But they should not wake up more than two hours later than the time when they normally rise on a weekday. Sleeping in longer than that will severely disrupt a teen’s body clock. This will make it even harder to wake up on time when Monday morning arrives. UCLA Health


Holiday Safety Tips:

Wear mosquito repellent, especially if you are outside of the city. It’s good to be physically active and be outdoors, but wear sunscreen to protect your skin.Avoid large gatherings. Maintain physical distance and wear a mask when in public spaces.Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer (if soap and water are not available). Relax and rejuvenate 🙂


If the weather allows, we are hoping concrete for the second floor slab will be poured this week.


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