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The Home of English International School was established in 1997 and has gone on to become the number one choice for parents who choose an international school for their children’s education. Their main aim has always been to be able to offer quality English language education at an affordable price. After just a few moments of searching for the fees of other comparable schools, you will soon see just how competitive the Home of English International School is.

They currently offer English
programmes from pre-school through to high school at an International level.
Their goal is to generate confident speakers of English through their use of
up-to-date materials, based on the American education system. This has been
well proven through extensive research and development over the years. The
materials are constantly upgraded to reflect the changing needs and current
standards. Only the best educational materials are accepted.

If you are looking for an
international school for your child’s education there are many choices here in
Phnom Penh, but after a little research you will see The Home of English
International School’s name very often in your searches. It is a tried and
tested choice for many Khmer and foreign parents who are looking for the best.

During per-school and Kindergarten years, children can easily assimilate a foreign language with greater ease than their older peers. It is a scientifically proven fact that children learn languages comparatively easily at an early age. Their classroom environment has been designed with safety in mind and the library is stocked with not only colorful books but also crayons, paints, glue, modelling clay and colored paper. The youngsters are encouraged to express themselves through these media. There is also an audio visual and music room where the students can enjoy educational DVDs, movies and music in the English language. The students are openly encouraged to join in and express themselves through singing and dancing, should they wish.

Their children’s education program offers quality education from the age of 6 years with both half and full-day options. Their curriculum is based on the proven American system which provides a full service for all a growing child’s needs. Young children start to learn from the moment they enter through the doors. They learn English, not only from their professional teachers but also from their peers who love sharing their knowledge of English with the new starters. Many of whom have an excellent command of English at a comparatively young age. Computer studies and Social studies are also taught from this early age as they are thought to be an integral part of today’s younger generation.

Following on from their children’s education program are the Elementary and High School stages. These stages closely follow the Calvert Home School and Keystone High School curriculum, directly from the USA. These are regarded to be as close to an American education you can get, outside America! When Keystone International High School is your chosen provider you will soon see the advantages it comes with. Having attained their graduation, students will receive an American High school diploma which is the key that will unlock the door to university education abroad.

Once enrolled, you will soon see the
benefits that your child is getting and you will be more than pleased that you
chose The Home of English International School.

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